The matter of premises liability in Decatur – as well as other areas of Atlanta, GA – is a delicate one, since there is a strong burden of proof that you will need to establish before any court in Georgia finds you deserving of compensation for your loss and the property owner you are suing guilty of negligence.

This is why you should retain a lawyer experienced in the nuances of premises liability in Georgia law. One such team, ready to assist you is the Law Offices of Shani O. Brooks P.C., where your loss is taken as our loss. We will take every step from the very beginning of your premises liability lawsuit in Atlanta to ensure the facts required to make your case a success are established with sufficient evidence.

Our primary goal in serving personal injury clients is to deliver legal assistance and litigation help that comprehensively protect our clients’ interest in line with the legal parameters established by Georgia personal injury law. We offer sensitive counseling and compassionate guidance, respecting the grief and loss the victim families might be going through.

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What Is The Purpose Of Premises Liability In Georgia Law?

According to GA. Code Ann. Sec. § 51-3-1, all property owners in the state of Georgia are liable to premises liability in relation to the safety standards their property upholds and complies to. The state recognizes a distinct set of safety regulations for residential and commercial buildings and other kinds of structures and premises.

Maintaining these standards of reasonable safety for the occupants and permitted guests is a legal obligation for every property owner/manager. Inability or negligence in meeting these obligations makes these property owners responsible for any loss that incurs as a result.

Certain steps are required to provide the occupants and visitors of every premises protection from structural damage as well as other safety hazards, such as criminal attacks. Should owners or managers fail to take necessary steps declared in the law and seen normal in the state of Georgia, they leave their property’s occupants and visitors vulnerable to many types of safety risks.

We have successfully concluded many lawsuits of premises liability in Decatur – and other areas of Atlanta – where the victims were stabbed or shot during a mugging, robbed, or sexually assaulted.

Premises liability lawsuits serve the purpose of such victims’ compensation for loss and to hold the negligent property owners accountable for their lack of due action.

Why Shani O. Brooks For Premises Liability In Decatur?

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