If you are visiting a property with the owner’s/manager’s permission, whether you are a guest or a customer, you have certain legal rights to personal injury inflicted on you due to negligence of the property owner. Foremost among a property owner’s responsibilities is to ensure that the premises are in a safe condition and not a danger to any occupants or visitors.

Any negligence in these matters that leads to personal injury to you – or a dear one –is legally reprimandable in court. We can help you challenge the property owner in a lawsuit for premises liability in Sandy Springs – or any other part of Atlanta, GA – with the help of our experienced personal injury legal team.

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When Does A Security Lapse Become Eligible For Premises Liabilityin Atlanta?

Premises liability lawsuits in Atlanta, and other cities of Georgia, are filed after a serious security lapse that results in harm to an individual or group of people. Often this harm could be minor and bearable but, in many cases, this could result in serious personal injury and even death of one or more individuals in the premises.

Crimes like muggings, sexual assault, stabbings, and shootings commonly occur in cases of premises liability, each causing great peril to the victims.

Most premises liability lawsuits in Georgia are filed under GA Code Ann. Sec. § 51-3-1, which constitutes the duty of property owners to ensure reasonable safety and security for their structures’ occupants and visitors. When a property owner/manager fails to ensure that the expected standards of safety are met on their premises, they are in violation of the law.

When you are planning a lawsuit for premises liability in Sandy Springs – or any other part of Atlanta – you need a good lawyer by your side to make your case a success. The courts demand that you establish four different kinds of facts before the court rules in your favor, including:

  • DUTY: That the premises owner/manager owed you the duty of care. You cannot win a premises liability lawsuit if you were trespassing on the property;
  • BREACH: That the premises owner/manager failed to ensure the expected level of safety on their property;
  • CAUSATION: That the injuries – or loss of property or life – occurred due directly to the premises owner’s negligence of their said duty; and
  • DAMAGE: That you sustained some kind of loss, harm, or injury, due directly to the property owner’s negligence.

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