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Case Results


$900,000.00 Recovered for a woman injured in a automobile accident.  Our client was a passenger in her vehicle when a sprinter van delivering packages pulled out in front of her causing her to suffer a serious back injury.  The case was initial handled by another firm early on in the process but shortly after requesting and receiving a second opinion regarding her case, our office was able to assist her with receiving a great outcome for her injury claim.


$784,000.00 Recovered for a woman involved in a trucking accident.  Our client was severely injured and was recommended for a neck surgery but due to of a rare medical condition was no longer a candidate for the procedure. Our office assisted her with obtaining the best alternative medical care which turned out to be a game changer in her recovery.  There was no pre-suit offer in her case, but through litigation, we were able to assist her with obtaining all of the remaining funds in the trucking companies single limit million-dollar policy.


$675,000.00 Recovered for a woman injured in a rideshare accident. Our client was driving for a rideshare at the time of accident, and was t-boned by a reckless driver. Our client was transporting 2 passengers at the time, who also sustained injuries. Our client also had major preexisting injuries from a prior accident.


$387,500.00 Recovered for a minor child that was injured at a restaurant. Our client was dining with his family and suffered a hand injury due to the dangerous condition that existed on the exterior premises of the restaurant. This case was initially handled by 3 other law firms before our office stepped in and assisted this family with getting the compensation that they deserved.


$325K Auto Accident: $325,000 was recovered for a woman injured in an auto accident.  She suffered a soft tissue back injury, and we were able to assist her with getting connected with excellent doctors who were in her area. She was able to get the care she needed as well as compensation for future medical care. 


$200,000.00 Recovered for a mother and daughter who were involved in a automobile accident. They initially called months earlier with a non-injury related legal question, and even though we are an injury only practice we assisted them and pointed them in the right direction for that legal matter. A few months later they remembered us and called about their auto accident, where we were able to achieve a policy limit settlement for both of them.


$200,000.00 Policy Limits recovered for a woman injured in a rear-end auto collision. Due to her injuries, she was in need of surgery and various types of Orthopedic treatment that we assisted her with obtaining although she did not have comprehensive medical insurance at the time of the accident. Without the surgery, our client would still be suffering to this day according to her treating physician.


150,000.00 Recovered for a woman involved in a minor trucking accident; the client could not obtain treatment for her injuries for several months because she did not have medical insurance and was not represented by an attorney initially.  Our office was able to get her all of the treatment that she needed for her injuries.  There was no pre-suit offer in her case, but through the litigation process, we were able to assist her with maximizing her recovery.


$125,000.00 Policy Limits 25K at-fault in addition to 100K from the UM/UIM Insurance for a man hit by a drunk driver.  Our client suffered moderate physical injury but had a considerable amount of emotional distress relating to the accident, that we are able to get him fully compensated for.


$100,000.00 Policy Limits recovered for a woman injured in a auto accident. Our client was new to the United States, did not have any health insurance and was unsure about which route to take. She suffered a severe wrist injury in the accident and we were able to assist her with getting connected with excellent doctors, and she was able to get a wrist surgery and rehabilitation that she desperately needed.


$100,000.00 Policy Limits recovered for a woman injured in an auto collision. Our client received conservative treatment only and we were able to get her the maximum recovery for her injuries.

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