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Tips To Prevent Accidents on a Motorcycle


Tips To Prevent Accidents on a Motorcycle

Motorcycle accidents have increased in Georgia over the past few years. This is understandable since these vehicles lack airbags, seat belts, and other safety features in cars. The chances of anyone walking away from a motorcycle accident injury-free are slim to none. That is how devastating one motorcycle accident can be.

Top 4 Tips on Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents

However, these tips can help you avoid these incidents or at least reduce the injuries you sustain:

1. Remain Focused and Alert

When riding your motorcycle, make sure there are little to no distractions. Be mindful of the other vehicles around you. If the car in front of you stops suddenly, you have to be alert enough to hit the breaks immediately. Do not listen to music while riding if you are tired or under the influence. Even a tiny distraction can lead to devastating consequences.

2. Assume You Are Invisible On The Road

Most motorists cannot spot motorcycles before it is too late. Many motorcyclists remain in blind spots. Plus, car drivers usually pay more attention to other cars and larger vehicles on the road compared to small bikes. Avoid serious accidents by assuming no one can see you on the road. That way, you will not make a wrong decision based on assumptions.

3. Slow Down

It can be very tempting to speed up on a long stretch of road, especially if you are on a high-performance bike such as a Harley Davidson. However, the faster you go, the slower your reaction time to other vehicles, pedestrians, and debris.

If you speed, you can also miss an upcoming turn. In this case, you will take the turn too fast. Panic and hit the brakes, and you will go flying over the handlebars. Your motorcycle can slide out from under you if you ride the corner too hard. An extra second or two is just what you need to avoid a slippery patch of road or a pothole. If you speed in the rain, the chances of you getting into a tragic accident will increase a hundredfold.

4. Do Not Ride At Night

While riding at night can be thrilling, low light conditions can increase your chances of getting into a motorcycle accident. If you have to ride for, say, an emergency, make sure your headlights are working, ride in well-lit areas where they are available, and remain well under the speed limit.

If you get into an accident even after following all of the tips mentioned above, you should ensure you are compensated for damages.

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