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Dinorah Acosta

Dinorah Acosta

Intake Specialist

About Dinorah Acosta

Dinorah is a skilled and bilingual Intake Specialist at Shani Brooks Law. With three years of experience in the legal field, she brings valuable expertise to our team. Originally from Uruguay and raised in New Jersey, Dinorah is well-versed in navigating diverse cultural backgrounds and is sensitive to the needs of our clients.

As an intake specialist, Dinorah plays a crucial role in the initial client contact process. Her bilingual proficiency allows her to effectively communicate with clients in both English and Spanish, ensuring clear and seamless interactions. Dinorah’s experience and professionalism enable her to gather essential information and assist clients in their initial inquiries, providing them with a comfortable and reassuring experience.

With her extensive knowledge of legal procedures and her empathetic approach, Dinorah strives to make the intake process as smooth as possible for our clients.

Fun fact: Dinorah enjoys exploring different cuisines and is passionate about traveling. Her multicultural background enriches her perspective and enables her to connect with people from various walks of life.

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