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Jordyn Howell

Jordyn Howell

Marketing Director

About Jordyn Howell

Jordyn Howell, our talented Marketing Director at Shani Brooks Law, is driven by her passion for marketing. With a strong background in the field since 2017, Jordyn brings extensive experience as a social media manager for the past three years.

Jordyn’s primary focus is creating educational and valuable content for our clients. She understands the importance of providing informative materials that resonate with our audience. Her dedication to delivering impactful messaging showcases her commitment to helping our clients make informed decisions.

Known for her strong work ethic and thirst for knowledge, Jordyn consistently goes above and beyond to achieve marketing excellence. Her ability to adapt to evolving trends and effectively utilize various marketing platforms ensures that our firm remains at the forefront of digital marketing strategies.

In addition to her professional achievements, Jordyn has a remarkable athletic background. She was a college soccer player in Iowa before relocating to Georgia to continue her college soccer career. This experience instilled in her the values of teamwork, discipline, and dedication, which she brings to her marketing endeavors.

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