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3 Types of Common Car Accident Injuries That Your Child Can Suffer From


3 Types of Common Car Accident Injuries That Your Child Can Suffer From

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 150 children are treated each hour in ER’s across the country for crash related injuries. In Georgia, car accidents are considered to be the leading cause of injuries and fatalities in children who are 1 to 12 years of age. Some common injuries leading to these horrific statistics include the following.

Head and Neck Injuries

Head and neck injuries are most common in children who are victims of car accidents. These can cause traumatic brain injuries, contusions, skull fractures and whiplash. In some cases, the injured children can start exhibiting behavioral issues or face cognitive issues months or years after an accident.

Airbag-Related Injuries

Georgia law allows children who are 8 years old to travel in the front seat of a vehicle – if restrained in a proper car seat and if they weigh at least 40 pounds. However, they may still get injured during a crash if the air bag deploys as air bags deploy with enough force to easily fracture necks and facial bones.

Glass Related Injuries

A broken windshield or shattering windows can cause lacerations on a child’s face and body – depending on the severity of the crash. This can lead to long lasting scars, facial trauma and dental injuries, causing disfigurements or worse.

Georgia Laws About Child Safety

According to Georgia Law:

  • Children who are under 8 years of age and are less than 57 inches in height should travel in the backseat of a vehicle in a booster chair unless there is no room.
  • If the vehicle does not have a back seat (such as a truck), or if there are other children in the back who need to be restrained as well, the 8 year old child can sit in the front seat with restraints.

Violation of these laws can lead to a $50 fine. However, if you find yourself in a car accident and your children are injured, the aftermath can be heartbreaking and way more costly. At Shani O. Brooks P.C., we understand your pain as a parent and can help you get the compensation you deserve and need from the guilty parties. We can even let you know how much you case is worth. Our skilled attorneys can represent you in court if need be and are not afraid to take out the big guns if it can lead to a successful case. Get in touch with us in Atlanta, Georgia for a consultation today.

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