Never Speak To Insurance Companies Without Your Attorney

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After an Atlanta car accident, there is a significant chance that you will receive a phone call from the other driver’s insurance company. However, it is usually best never to speak to insurance companies without your attorney. While you may think you need to cooperate with the other driver’s insurer, remember that anything you say to their insurance company could be twisted and used against you later. Instead, our Atlanta personal injury attorneys at Shani O. Brooks P.C. can help you.

Who Must You Cooperate With After An Atlanta Car Accident?

After an auto accident in Atlanta, you must cooperate with certain parties. First, you are required by Georgia state law to stay at the crash scene and exchange information with others involved in the accident. You need to render aid to anyone hurt and call for medical assistance. However, you should keep your conversations with others in the accident to a minimum.

Second, you need to cooperate with the responding police officers. Expect to provide your driver’s license, insurance information, and vehicle registration.

Third, you must call your insurance company and tell them about the accident within a reasonable period. You also need to cooperate with your insurance company’s accident investigation team.

You Are Not Required To Talk To The Other Driver’s Insurance Company

Many accident victims may believe they have to talk to the opposing driver’s insurance company. But this is untrue. When the insurance adjuster calls you after the accident, it is not to see how you feel after the accident. Instead, their call is entirely about the insurance company’s bottom line. The goals of their conversation with you are:

To get you to say something that makes it easier to blame you for the accident. Even if the other driver caused the accident, the insurance company might try to blame you for what happened.

To encourage you to accept a fast settlement before you call an Atlanta personal injury attorney. Immediately after the accident, you probably do not know how seriously hurt you are. Also, unless you are a personal injury attorney, you probably have little idea what the case is worth. The insurance adjuster knows that a personal injury attorney being involved will cost the insurance company more money.

When the insurance adjuster calls you, the best policy is to say as little as possible. It is best to refer the call to your personal injury attorney. But if you say anything to the adjuster, keep it brief. For example, you might say:

  • You will not discuss the accident or who was at fault.
  • You are still getting medical treatment.
  • You will only sign something or settle with your attorney present.

If the insurance adjuster continues calling, just inform your attorney. Once the lawyer contacts the insurance company, the calls should stop.

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You may be tempted to speak to the other driver’s insurance company after an Atlanta car accident, but this is never a good idea. Instead, have our Atlanta personal injury attorney at Shani O. Brooks P.C. talk to the insurance company for you. Your attorney will aggressively negotiate with the insurance company and represent your interests. Contact Shani Brooks about your personal injury case today at (404) 920-4736.

Why Do Personal Injuries Increase In The Spring?

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There is considerable evidence of more personal injuries in the spring. For example, many studies show the rise in accidents, from workplace injuries to car accidents, as the weather warms and Daylight Saving Time (DST) begins. Learn more about why there are more personal injuries in the spring, then talk to our Atlanta personal injury lawyer at Shani O. Brooks P.C. today.

Daylight Saving Time Causes More Accidents

Every spring, Americans move their clocks ahead an hour for DST. The time change gives us more light in the evening, so we can enjoy being outside in warmer weather. However, evidence suggests more accidents after DST starts, including car accidents and job-related injuries.

Fatality Analysis Reporting System data shows a 6% rise in auto accidents the week after DST starts. The data shows that the time change causes about 28 more yearly deaths. This study also indicates that the accident rate declines the week after DST. Losing an hour of sleep can significantly affect our ability to make safe driving choices.

DST Also Causes More Job-Related Injuries

Evidence also suggests that job-related accidents rise after Daylight Saving Time starts. For example, a recent study by Michigan State University found that changing to DST in March leads to about 40 minutes less sleep for workers. This led to a 5.7% rise in job-related accidents and about 68% more days lost to injuries at work.

Can losing about an hour of sleep cause more personal injuries? Experts believe that it can. This is especially in high-risk jobs requiring attention to detail. Studies have shown that losing an hour of sleep makes our attention decrease our concentration. For people driving, there can be more car accidents because of driver fatigue. In addition, workers in the trucking and construction industries may be more tired after Daylight Saving Time.

Other Reasons For More Personal Injuries In The Spring

Daylight Saving Time is not the only reason for more personal injuries in the spring. There are simply more people driving in warmer, sunnier weather in Atlanta. When more people are driving on the roads, there will be more accidents.

Also, warmer weather causes more people in Atlanta to be outside at the Atlanta Botanical Garden and other outside venues. When more people are outside, more pedestrian and bicycle accidents will occur.

There are even more slip-and-fall accidents during the spring. The Atlanta area tends to have rain in the spring, which can cause slick sidewalks, floors, and steps.

It is wise to use caution when you are out and about in warm, sunny weather every spring. Also, get more sleep the week before DST starts, so you are awake and alert behind the wheel.

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Were you injured in a car accident in Atlanta because of someone’s negligence?  You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Contact our Atlanta personal injury attorney at  Shani O. Brooks P.C. at (404) 920-4736. Our Atlanta personal injury attorneys also serve the communities of Buckhead, Decatur, and Dunwoody.


How to Make Yourself More Visible As A Cyclist 

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Biking is an excellent way to remain fit and get your daily dose of fresh air. But crowded bike paths and roads can cause accidents if you aren’t careful. You can increase bicycle safety by ensuring you are visible to other bikers, pedestrians, and drivers on the road. 

Top Bicycle Safety Tips That Can Increase Your Visibility on the Road

Stay safe out there. Here are some bicycle safety tips that can ensure you are visible to others:

  1. Wear Reflective Clothing 

Reflective clothing will make you more apparent on the road, even while biking during the day. It can save your life if you are biking after a storm or early in the morning when the sun is barely out. If you don’t have reflective clothing or gear, stick-on reflective patches on your bike or clothes to make yourself visible.  

  1. Add Extra Lights to Your Bike

Besides a bright headlight, add brake or rear lights, so you are constantly visible on the road. You can also add LED lights and a light disc in the frame. Your bright wheels will be visible from a mile away. 

  1. Wear Bright Warmers 

Leg, knee, and arm warmers are available in neon colors that are highly visible on the road when biking. You can also wear these in the summer when you are wearing shorts. These can become an extension of your shorts that will make you highly visible and keep you comfortable. 

  1.  Keep Your Bike and Gear Pristine 

If you bike regularly, your bike is probably covered in dirt, grime, and mud hiding its neon colors. This common problem during the rainy season can make you invisible on the road. 

Prevent a collision by wiping down your bike before you head out, especially if you bike daily. A brightly colored bike is more visible on the road than a dirty one. 

  1. Signal Clearly 

Signal your turns clearly and broadly. Use bike hand signals to let other drivers and cyclists know where you are turning. At night, wear the aforementioned bright arm warmers or reflectors on your arms, so your hand signals are noticeable. Reflective gloves will also work. 

Make sure you signal a third of a block before you stop or turn. That way, you can give others plenty of time to slow down, so they don’t run into you. For instance, ensure you signal a right-hand turn a few seconds beforehand, so the driver behind you has ample time to slow down before driving ahead.

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If you were run over by a speeding driver or were hit even when you were following local bike laws, you deserve compensation. But if the insurance company denies your claim, an experienced Atlanta bicycle accident lawyer such as Shani O. Brooks can appeal your case aggressively if needed. Book a consultation by dialing 404-692-5404. At Shani O. Brooks, Attorneys at Law, we offer unbiased, thorough, and compassionate litigation services to Atlanta residents that are 100% confidential. We can help you get the compensation you deserve.

What Are The Leading Causes Of Car Accidents In Atlanta?

What Are The Leading Causes Of Car Accidents In Atlanta?

As one of the fastest-growing cities in the US, Atlanta is home to more than 6,013,000 people. Thousands more head to the city for work, school, and entertainment using I-85 and I-75 highways. It is little wonder that car accidents are quite common in this state.

Top Causes Of Car Accidents In Atlanta

Some of the common auto accidents you may find yourself contacting an Atlanta car accident lawyer for include the following:

1. Inexperienced Drivers

Driving takes experience to perfect. A skilled driver can avoid sudden hazards and unexpected road conditions better than a newbie. Teen and elderly drivers are more likely to get into accidents because of inexperience and deteriorating eyesight or health, respectively.

2. Fatigued Drivers

Whether they spent the night bingeing Netflix or came home late from a party, tired drivers are a hazard on the road. Their focus wavers as they try to keep their eyes open while navigating rush-hour traffic. Some may even fall asleep behind the wheel as the car is moving.

3. Speeding

There is a reason why there are stiff penalties for speeding drivers in Atlanta. Speeding kills, period. Whether you are late for work or a school drop, speeding can make your car roll over – you won’t have time to swerve and avoid obstacles on the road. If you change lanes too fast, you can hit pedestrians and other vehicles.

Follow set speed limits to reduce the chances of this happening.

4. Driving Under The Influence

Substance abuse is a crime, but you can become a hazard on the road if you are drunk or on medical marijuana. These substances prevent drivers from focusing on the road. Nausea, vertigo, and hallucinations can make them lose control of the vehicle as their mind and body slow down too much to react in time to hazards. This can lead to serious and even fatal accidents.

5. Bad Weather Conditions

When it rains, it pours in Atlanta leading to reduced road visibility. Rough weather conditions such as this can make driving fatal. You can skid off the road as you hit black ice or if visibility is zero. Your windshield wipers can only do so much during a rain or snowstorm.

6. Technical And Mechanical Issues

Mechanical and technical failures are also leading causes of car accidents in Atlanta. Brake failures result in head-on collisions and rear-ending accidents. Engine failure can cause pileups behind you. Similarly, faulty or flat tires can make you skid off the road, into other vehicles, and into pedestrians.

Keeping cars maintained can prevent these accidents, but if a neglectful driver made your vehicle flip over, you should sue for damages.

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Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death in Atlanta. If you were the victim of a drunk driver or sustained injuries because of a speeding car, contact Shani O. Brooks for legal action today. The experienced and professional Atlanta car accident lawyer can ensure you get full and fair compensation for damages sustained because of the other driver. Don’t go up against powerful insurance companies on your own. Dial 404-920-4736 to book a consultation today!

What to Consider When Hiring an Atlanta Auto Accident Lawyer

What to Consider When Hiring an Atlanta Auto Accident Lawyer

According to the Georgia Department of Public Health, motor car accidents are the leading causes of deaths and injuries in the state. So the chances of you being involved in a car accident are not slim.

If you are involved in a car accident, you should be fully compensated for damages. But the insurance company will try its best to reduce your claim so they can line their pockets. As your legal advocate, your Atlanta car accident lawyer can ensure you avoid these pitfalls and miss out on complete damages.

What You Should Look for in an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

Here are some of the reasons why you should hire a lawyer before pursuing damages after a car accident in Atlanta:

Understand Damages Incurred

When you file an accident injury claim, you are entitled to compensation for medical expenses, property damage, disabilities, and even pain and suffering. In some cases, accident victims are also eligible for lost income if their injuries prevent them from working. You have a limited amount of time to do so, or you will miss out on fair compensation.

You will be in pain as you heal, so getting compensation will be the last thing on your mind. An attorney can determine the types of payment you qualify for and will ensure you receive them. They will understand your mental stress and will work with you to ensure you are compensated on time.

Proving Liability

You have to prove liability to ensure a successful auto accident lawsuit, which is easier said than done. Even if you have witnesses and the police say the other driver was at fault, proving it can be challenging if you don’t have legal experience.

A car accident attorney can prove liability by proving negligence. This means they can prove that the other driver violated their duty of care to prevent accidents. It will prove that they were responsible for your injuries and damages.

Determining Injury Valuations

Determining the value of each injury is the most challenging aspect of a personal injury claim. The insurance company will do everything possible to make you accept a lowball offer so they can pocket the rest.

An experienced Atlanta car accident lawyer won’t let them take advantage of you like that. Rather than accepting their first offer, they will negotiate to ensure you get an amount that can cover the full extent of the damages.

This includes collecting evidence during a thorough investigation of the accident that can connect your injuries to it. Your lawyer will also outline your settlement options, so don’t accept or decline an offer before hiring an attorney. You may miss out on a larger settlement than anticipated.

As you recover from injuries or mourn a loved one lost to a car accident, compensation is the last thing on your mind. An attorney can provide the legal support you need.

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If you or someone you know was involved in a car accident in Atlanta, don’t wait to hire a car accident attorney such as Shani O. Brooks P.C. He will ensure you get the total compensation you deserve, if not more. Book a confidential consultation today by dialing 404-920-4736.

When Does Vehicular Homicide Become Murder?

When Does Vehicular Homicide Become Murder?

In Georgia, ‘homicide’ refers to a criminal offense that causes the death of an individual. It covers murder and manslaughter, but the former is considered more severe since it is intentional.

So if your loved one is unintentionally killed by a speeding car, the driver may be charged with vehicular homicide. But if they ran them over with the intent to murder them, the charge would turn into a murder charge. An Atlanta wrongful death attorney can bring you closure by bringing the negligent party to justice.

Vehicular Homicide in Georgia

As per the Georgia Vehicular Homicide statute, a person commits homicide via a vehicle when they unintentionally and without malice cause the death of another individual. Some common examples include the following:

  • Driving under the influence (of drugs or alcohol).
  • Passing a school bus improperly.
  • Leaving the scene of a vehicular homicide that they caused.
  • Running away from the police after causing the death of another individual with their vehicle (intentionally or otherwise).
  • Causing the death of an individual by violating laws other than those mentioned above.

Important note: ‘Malicious aforethought‘ can turn vehicular homicide into a murder charge. In itself, the latter is not considered murder in the state.

Penalties and Punishments

Vehicular homicide can be a felony or misdemeanor. Both carry separate penalties as per the factors surrounding the offense.

The charge can lead to a license suspension or a limited driving permit.

First-degree vehicular homicide can lead to a three-year license suspension. In this case, the convicted individual does not get the option of a limited driving permit.

On the other hand, a second-degree charge can lead to a license suspension spanning 120 days, but in exchange, you get a limited driving permit for a year. It can also be renewed when time runs out.

There are two types of charges you can face:

Misdemeanor Vehicular Homicide

This is a charge you can get if you unintentionally cause the death of a person because you broke traffic rules.

Felony Vehicular Homicide

This is a charge you can get if you unintentionally cause the death of a person because you were driving under the influence or recklessly.

The penalties can also be quite harsh. Both misdemeanor and felony charges for vehicular homicide carry lengthy prison sentences and hefty fines, which a judge determines. The latter can lead to a prison sentence spanning three to 15 years, per the case’s circumstances.

If you are charged with a second-degree misdemeanor, it can result in a punishment of one year in prison. This can also include a year on probation and a fine of up to $1,000.

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If you lost a loved one because of a driver’s negligence or believe they targeted the victims with the intent to kill, an Atlanta wrongful death attorney can ensure you see justice. Shani O. Brooks can help you find closure and get the compensation that your family deserves during this tragedy. Do not give up!

Wrongful death cases following vehicular homicide can be complex. You need legal representation that can fight for your rights and ensure the perpetrators do not get away with murder.

Steps to Take If You Are In an Accident with a Drunk Driver

Steps to Take If You Are In an Accident with a Drunk Driver

If a drunk driver ever hits you, you will be disoriented. A checklist can help you get your bearings back faster and get the compensation you deserve.

What Qualifies As Drunk Driving In Georgia?

Suppose you wish to file a personal injury claim for a DUI accident in Georgia. In that case, you have to prove that the drunk party was under the influence of alcohol and that they fulfil one of the following criteria:

  • They are commercial drivers with a BAC level of .04 or higher during the accident.
  • They were under 21 years of age and had a BAC level of .02 or higher.
  • They refused a BAC test or did not provide a blood or urine sample.
  • They were not commercial drivers but had a BAC of .08 or higher.

Field sobriety tests are usually insufficient when determining whether a defendant is guilty or not. An Atlanta DUI accident lawyer may still use it in a civil lawsuit as proof.

What You Should Do After A DUI Car Accident – A Checklist

These accidents are more common than you think. This checklist will help you get your bearings and take action if you are ever involved in a DUI accident in Georgia:

1. Call 911 Immediately

Call 911 right after the drunk driver slams into you if you can. Whatever you do, don’t settle the matter without getting the police involved. They will ensure the crash is documented properly, and you can use those documents to file a claim with the insurance company or a lawsuit. If you think the other driver is drunk, watch for suspicious behavior as you wait. This includes slurred speech. Inform the paramedics and the police so they can include it in their reports.

2. Gather Information

Acquire and record as much information surrounding the accident as you can. This includes the drunk driver’s contact information, the names and details of witnesses, and the ID numbers of the police officers who arrive on the scene. Take pictures and videos of your and the other driver’s car, and ensure you get a copy of the police report. It should be free of errors.

3. Seek Medical Aid

Do not refuse medical aid whether you think you are injured or not. Some injuries can take time to manifest, and hidden ones can worsen with time if they are not taken care of immediately. The Atlanta DUI accident lawyer can also use it as proof that you were injured in the accident and deserve compensation.

4. Hire An Atlanta DUI Accident Lawyer

Before you get in touch with the insurance company regarding your DUI accident, contact an attorney first. You deserve compensation for your injuries, medical bills, and car damage. A lawyer will ensure your case has the best chance to produce the compensation you deserve after conducting a thorough investigation into the accident. This includes securing evidence that can strengthen your claim.

Contact Shani O. Brooks P.C. For A Consultation Today!

Car and DUI accidents are the leading causes of severe injuries in Atlanta, Georgia. Why should you pay out of pocket for damages if you were injured in an accident involving a drunk driver? Shani O. Brooks P.C. can go up against formidable opponents in court in your stead, such as insurance companies that deny your claim.

Why Car Accidents Are More Common During Summer?

Why Car Accidents Are More Common During Summer?

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), car accidents increase exponentially during summer, especially on weekends. New Year’s Day and Independence Day see sharp increases in these accidents compared to other holidays. If you were the victim of a hit-and-run accident, contact an Atlanta car accident attorney for a consultation.

5 Top Reasons for Car Accidents in Summer

Here are some of the main reasons why the number of car accidents increases during the summer in the US:

1. More Teens On The Road

Teenagers on their summer break come out in droves during these months. Unfortunately, since most of them are inexperienced drivers with little defensive driving skills, their chances of getting into accidents are higher than adult drivers.

Most teenagers also lack reflexes, foresight, and strong nerves to avoid a collision with other vehicles and pedestrians. Many of them are between 16 and 19 years of age.

2. More People On The Roads

Besides teenagers, the sweltering summer months also increase the number of pedestrians, cyclists, and other riders on the roads. Since these individuals are difficult to notice, especially during rush hours, they are more likely to get hit. Whether drivers are distracted or not, a single lone individual on the road is easily missed.

3. More Work Crews On The Roads

Roadways undergo construction and maintenance during the summer, so it is not surprising to see more work crews on highways than you would during other seasons. The weather is nice enough for them to do their job, particularly in areas inaccessible during winter. The equipment and road closures can lead to frustrated drivers who are more likely to get into accidents. Plus, work crews can also step into oncoming traffic as they work on the roads.

4. Vehicle Breakdowns Increase

Even experienced drivers can get into accidents if their car, bike, or other vehicle breaks down because of the heat. Rising temperatures can cause tire blowouts, engine overheating, and corroded components, leading to malfunctions. If you are speeding down the highway and any of these issues make you careen off the road, the consequences can be devastating and, in some cases, fatal.

5. Increase In Drunk Drivers On The Roads

More people die because of drunk drivers or because they drink and drive during summer. As the hot summer months roll around, activities such as barbecues, parties, get-togethers, and other outdoor events increase.

With beer and wine flowing freely, and even with ridesharing options such as Uber and Lyft, many people still prefer to get behind the wheel intoxicated. Inebriated drivers can become drowsy or fall asleep behind the wheel. In both cases, they can veer into other drivers on the road, leading to a wreck. These incidents are more common during the 4th of July as revelers imbibe all night heavily.

These were just some of the reasons why the number of car accidents increases during the summer months. If you were the victim of such an incident, an experienced Atlanta car accident attorney could help you get the compensation you deserve.

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This is where car accident attorney Shani O. Brooks can prove invaluable. Car accidents are among the leading causes of accidents in Georgia. You shouldn’t have to pay for your medical bills whether you were injured because of a drunk driver, negligence, or a speeding vehicle. Our Atlanta car accident attorneys can go up against the insurance companies, so you don’t have to. Get in touch for a consultation today!

What Is Vicarious Liability in Georgia Car Accidents?

What Is Vicarious Liability in Georgia Car Accidents?

A car accident can be disorienting, so assigning fault right after can be difficult. In most cases, the people involved assume the responsible parties include the at-fault driver, the vehicle manufacturer, and maybe the property owner.

However, most people overlook the owner of the car the at-fault driver was driving. This can be an employee driving a company car that caused the accident in some cases. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can help you get compensation from the at-fault parties.

What is Vicarious Liability?

Vicarious liability means that the employer is responsible for damages and injuries that their employees cause. The law would come into effect if the damages were caused during their work duties. Besides car accidents involving company vehicles, this can include on-premise accidents. For example, if a store worker dropped items while stocking shelves and caused an accident, their employer will be responsible for compensating the victims.

There are two main reasons behind vicarious liability:

It protects workers

Under vicarious liability, employees cannot be sued for damages they caused during their work duties, even if they were negligent. The logic behind this is that employees do their jobs at their employer’s behest – if they had trained their workers better or supervised them closely, the accident may not have happened.

It protects victims

If you are injured because of a car accident caused by a driver driving a company car, suing them is not a sound decision. They may not have the money or resources to compensate you, but their employers will. Holding their employers accountable with help from a professional Atlanta car accident lawyer can ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Exceptions To Vicarious Liability

Employers can only be held liable if the accident caused injuries or damages while the worker was on company time or during their work duties. For instance, if a delivery driver runs into a bicyclist while delivering packages, they are protected. However, if an office worker hits someone on their way to work with their car, they can be held liable for damages since driving the car is not part of their job.

Similarly, if a delivery driver got into an accident when they took the company’s delivery van on a joy ride, they can be held liable for their actions. In either case, hiring a competent Atlanta car accident attorney should be their priority. Their employer may still be partly liable since their responsibility is to screen new workers and supervise existing ones.

Contact Shani O. Brooks P.C. For A Car Accident Claim

You have just a few years to sue the at-fault parties for the car accident that took so much away from you. File your claim as soon as possible to ensure you get compensated for damages. At Shani O.Brooks P.C., we represent injured car accident victims in Atlanta and across Georgia. We have years of experience helping victims like you get justice and can tell you how much your case is worth. If you or a loved one was injured in an accident, get in touch with us today for a confidential consultation.

Laws Regarding Truck Accidents in Georgia

Laws Regarding Truck Accidents in Georgia

Tractor-trailers can be intimidating on the road. One wrong turn or brake failure can result in massive loss of life and major damages. Most victims never recover and are left with lifelong medical bills and conditions.

Important Georgia Truck Accident Laws You Should Know

If you or someone you know was involved in a truck accident, experienced Atlanta truck accident lawyers could ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Familiarize yourself with Georgia truck accident laws beforehand:

Negligent Entrustment Law

All carriers and fleet owners in Georgia have to conduct a thorough background check of each new driver they hire. Their motor vehicle records should not be off-limits, and they should also contact their previous employers. If they discover an accident in the driver’s records, the carrier is duty-bound to check the driver’s records for accuracy and their account of the incident.

If the carrier is aware of such incidents and the driver’s inexperience, they have to ensure they are trained. If they allow them to drive a truck and the driver gets into an accident, the carrier could be charged with negligent entrustment.

Hours of Service Laws

To prevent tired drivers from getting behind the wheel, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) maintains strict service hours all carriers have to adhere to. The rules determine how long drivers can work and rest. Some of the regulations that trucking organizations have to follow include the following:

  • Truck drivers cannot drive for more than 11 hours after completing 10 hours of rest.
  • Truck drivers should stop driving if they have driven for more than 13 consecutive hours. Breaks and refueling don’t count.
  • Truck drivers should be allowed a half-hour break for every eight consecutive hours they drive. They can load or refuel during this time.
  • Truck drivers cannot drive more than 60 hours a week or 70 hours in eight straight days. If the driver takes 34+ hours of rest, this resets.

Important note: All drivers have to maintain logs of their service hours to ensure they are compliant. If your employer forces you to overwork and violates those laws, you have the right to sue. In some cases, employers can deliberately increase hourly limits by falsifying logbooks.

Statute Of Limitations for Filing Truck Accident Claims

According to the statute of limitations for Georgia truck accidents, you have two years to file a lawsuit after the right to sue accrues. This means you should try your best to file the suit on the date the accident occurred. This can only increase if criminal charges are involved, and investigations can take six years. Experienced Atlanta truck accident lawyers can determine exceptions that can help your case.

Contact Shani O. Brooks for Cases Involving Truck Accidents

If you have been injured in a truck accident involving a commercial truck and need knowledgeable and determined lawyers, get in touch with Shani O. Brooks P.C., Attorneys at Law. We understand Georgia truck accident laws better than you do and can ensure you get the maximum compensation you deserve. Get in touch with us for a consultation today! We urge you to take immediate action lest the carrier tries to hide critical evidence.