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How To Avoid Serious Injury In Car Accidents In Atlanta


Being hit by a vehicle in Atlanta is a terrifying experience. In a fraction of a second, you could have devastating injuries that negatively affect your life – potentially for months, years, or permanently. Fortunately, serious auto accident injuries can sometimes be avoided by following the tips mentioned below.

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Always Wear Your Seatbelt

Always wearing a seatbelt is the most critical step to avoid serious injury or death in an Atlanta car accident. Wearing your seatbelt correctly will prevent you from being ejected from the vehicle in a crash or thrown violently about in the cabin.

Ensure your seatbelt is extended across your lap, not your lower abdomen. This step is crucial for women who are pregnant. The shoulder strap should fit across the shoulder and upper shoulder. Make sure the shoulder belt does not touch your neck.

Adjust The Headrest

A common, serious injury in auto accidents is whiplash. This injury happens when soft tissues in the neck are torn, stretched, and hyperextended. You can lower your risk of whiplash in an Atlanta car accident by adjusting the headrest if needed. The top of the headrest should be level with the top of the driver’s head. After adjusting the headrest, be sure it is in the locked position.

Keep Your Head Close To The Headrest

‘Backset’ refers to the distance from the back of your skull to the front of your headrest. If the backset is over two inches, there is a higher chance of serious injury in a car accident. Studies show that neck injuries increase when the backset distance exceeds four inches.

Do Not Sit Too Close To The Steering Wheel

Sitting too close to the steering wheel can make the deploying airbag hit you too fast – at up to 200 MPH – which can cause severe facial injuries. Ideally, you want to hit the airbag after it fully deploys. So, sit at least 10 inches from your steering wheel, as measured from the middle of the steering wheel to your sternum.

Never Sit With Feet On The Dashboard

If you are a passenger, never sit with your feet on the dashboard. A severe or fatal injury is almost guaranteed if you are in an accident. Severe injuries to the feet and legs are likely, and the seatbelt will sit improperly on the body and could cause additional severe harm.

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