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How To Manage Pain After An Auto Accident


The pain after a car accident can be debilitating. More often than not, the pain is bad enough to severely compromise the victim’s quality of life. With collisions common in Georgia, knowing how to manage pain can help you recover faster. Pain management will also help you keep a level head while determining compensation with help from an Atlanta car accident attorney. 

How You Can Manage Pain from Car Accident Injuries

According to medical professionals, pain can either be acute or chronic. The former occurs right after an injury, while the latter refers to a long-lasting condition that requires medication to manage. Here are some of the treatments that doctors may prescribe depending on the type of pain you have:

Thermal and Ice Therapy

Your doctor may ask you to ice the painful area to reduce swelling and switch to heat to ease the pain. Apply an ice pack for 20 minutes on the injured site daily. Applying a hot pack to a swollen injury may worsen it since it is already inflamed, increasing your recovery time. When it reduces, the heat will relax tight muscles that cause pain. You can also use a hot water bottle to improve blood flow and relieve some of the pain. 

Gentle Exercise 

While exercise may be the last thing on your mind when you are injured, light movements can reduce your pain considerably by relaxing stiffened muscles. Even simple activities such as walking can help you regain muscle strength, improve blood flow and relax tense muscles in your spine. This is important as you need strong muscles to support your back to reduce pain. 

Stretching and Yoga

You can manage most acute pain with stretching exercises such as yoga, which can relax muscles that stiffen after an accident. The practices include deep breathing and movements that provide critical oxygen to your muscles to function correctly. A good stretch’s soothing effect will also positively impact your mental and emotional health. Think of these exercises as a gentle workout that will trigger the body’s natural healing capabilities. 

Get Medical Help Before It Is Too Late

Most accident victims put off medical aid post-accident because they cannot afford medical expenses. Many wait to see if the other driver’s insurance company will compensate them by paying for those expenses. They also take responsibility for the collision, automatically making them the at-fault driver.

You may miss out on compensation if you don’t get treatment timely. You may face a hefty medical bill depending on the extent of your injuries. An Atlanta car accident attorney can help you process everything through your health care and insurance and ensure you are duly compensated. 

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