Atlanta Winter Driving Safety Tips

winter driving safety tips

Winter in Georgia is harsher than it used to be. Mild weather and dry roads are a thing of the past. But that has changed with climate change. Now, winter in Atlanta sees freezing cold days coupled with snow and sleek ice, making roads hazardous for inexperienced drivers. An Atlanta car accident attorney can ensure adequate compensation for damages, but you can avoid fatal accidents by being careful.

Top 5 Ways to Prevent Driving Accidents in Winter 

A skid can lead to a pileup on slick and icy roads. Follow these driving safety tips to prevent that and other car accidents in winter: 

  1. Keep a Full Tank of Gas

Traffic will be heavy during winter as roads freeze or drivers drive slowly to prevent accidents. If you are stuck in traffic, a full tank of gas will ensure you remain comfortable and warm as the temperature drops until you reach your destination. 

  1. Drive Slowly

As the roads freeze, drive 5 mph slower than the speed limit. It will give you adequate time to brake if a car stops in front of you or someone crosses the road. When you hit those brakes, your car will take some time to come to a complete stop. You will also be able to maintain control of your vehicle when you drive slowly on black ice

  1. Plan Your Route Beforehand 

Before grabbing your keys, check your local traffic and weather reports. If there is a storm outside or it snowed heavily last night, consider postponing your travel plans till it clears up. If you cannot do that, consider leaving early to avoid traffic. 

Use a GPS or Google Maps to familiarize yourself with the route beforehand and determine your anticipated arrival time. For a road trip or long trip, stop to stretch, get something to eat, and refresh yourself, so you don’t nod off behind the wheel. 

  1. Demist and De-Ice All Windows

Make sure you can see clearly out of all of the windows in your vehicle before you head out. Take the extra time each morning to demist and de-ice all windows. You must ensure you can see ahead or risk an accident on clogged and slick roads. If you don’t have these products, use warm water or a scraper to remove ice and snow from your car. Run the engine to speed up the process. 

  1. Prepare For Limited Visibility 

Busy roads may be shrouded in darkness during a winter storm or after one. The glare from headlights and sunlight can blind you and cause a collision.

Prevent that by removing ice build-up from the windscreen, which can otherwise cause a dazzling effect. Plus, replace old windscreen wipers with new ones to prevent smearing. A dirty windscreen can increase glare.

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