Never Speak To Insurance Companies Without Your Attorney

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After an Atlanta car accident, there is a significant chance that you will receive a phone call from the other driver’s insurance company. However, it is usually best never to speak to insurance companies without your attorney. While you may think you need to cooperate with the other driver’s insurer, remember that anything you say to their insurance company could be twisted and used against you later. Instead, our Atlanta personal injury attorneys at Shani O. Brooks P.C. can help you.

Who Must You Cooperate With After An Atlanta Car Accident?

After an auto accident in Atlanta, you must cooperate with certain parties. First, you are required by Georgia state law to stay at the crash scene and exchange information with others involved in the accident. You need to render aid to anyone hurt and call for medical assistance. However, you should keep your conversations with others in the accident to a minimum.

Second, you need to cooperate with the responding police officers. Expect to provide your driver’s license, insurance information, and vehicle registration.

Third, you must call your insurance company and tell them about the accident within a reasonable period. You also need to cooperate with your insurance company’s accident investigation team.

You Are Not Required To Talk To The Other Driver’s Insurance Company

Many accident victims may believe they have to talk to the opposing driver’s insurance company. But this is untrue. When the insurance adjuster calls you after the accident, it is not to see how you feel after the accident. Instead, their call is entirely about the insurance company’s bottom line. The goals of their conversation with you are:

To get you to say something that makes it easier to blame you for the accident. Even if the other driver caused the accident, the insurance company might try to blame you for what happened.

To encourage you to accept a fast settlement before you call an Atlanta personal injury attorney. Immediately after the accident, you probably do not know how seriously hurt you are. Also, unless you are a personal injury attorney, you probably have little idea what the case is worth. The insurance adjuster knows that a personal injury attorney being involved will cost the insurance company more money.

When the insurance adjuster calls you, the best policy is to say as little as possible. It is best to refer the call to your personal injury attorney. But if you say anything to the adjuster, keep it brief. For example, you might say:

  • You will not discuss the accident or who was at fault.
  • You are still getting medical treatment.
  • You will only sign something or settle with your attorney present.

If the insurance adjuster continues calling, just inform your attorney. Once the lawyer contacts the insurance company, the calls should stop.

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You may be tempted to speak to the other driver’s insurance company after an Atlanta car accident, but this is never a good idea. Instead, have our Atlanta personal injury attorney at Shani O. Brooks P.C. talk to the insurance company for you. Your attorney will aggressively negotiate with the insurance company and represent your interests. Contact Shani Brooks about your personal injury case today at (404) 920-4736.