How To Protect Yourself From Atlanta Trucking Accidents

big truck accidents

Truck accidents in Atlanta are common on I-20, I-75, I-85, I-675, and other busy roads. Some of these are severe accidents that lead to serious injury and even death. While you can file a personal injury lawsuit if the trucker or company was negligent, it is best to avoid these incidents, if possible, with the tips outlined below. If a trucker hit you in Atlanta and you have injuries and other damages, our Atlanta truck accident lawyers at Shani O. Brooks P.C. can help with your case.

Stay Out Of Their Blind Spots

One of the biggest reasons truck accidents happen around Atlanta is the traffic around tractor-trailers. Unfortunately, trucks have much larger blind spots than regular passenger vehicles. When possible, you should stay out of the following areas or move as quickly as possible:

  • The lane next to the driver returns about 50% of the trailer length.
  • At least 30 feet behind the truck.
  • At least 20 feet in front of the truck.
  • Two lanes two the right of the truck.

If you cannot see the driver in their mirrors, they cannot see you, so avoid their blind spots as much as possible.

Tell The Trucker What You Are Doing

Motor vehicles are equipped with turn signals for a reason – to alert other drivers of your intentions. Before passing a truck, use your signal sooner than you would for other drivers so the trucker has plenty of time to slow or make room for you.

Many serious truck accidents occur when a passenger vehicle passes a truck and cuts in front of the truck without signaling. This is because the truck needs more time to slow down and adjust its driving than other vehicles.

Give The Trucker Room

Sometimes we have to drive near trucks in Atlanta traffic, but you can reduce the chances of severe accidents by giving trucks more space. Try not to drive next to trucks for too long to avoid these hazardous situations:

  • Blown tire: If a truck tire blows, it is under high pressure, and rubber can fly into other vehicles.
  • Braking: If the truck must slam on the brakes for traffic ahead, it could lose control and slide into you in the next lane or even tip over.
  • Winds: High winds can be hazardous on Atlanta interstates and cause the truck to roll over.

Furthermore, you can avoid many truck accidents by staying at least four seconds behind the vehicle. It also helps to give the big rig a lot of room when turning; the truck can take up to two lanes when making some turns.

Be Careful When Merging

It is hazardous to merge in front of a tractor-trailer on the highway. It is harder for the large vehicle to slow down, and they could rear-end you. If the trucker is passing you, slow down so the truck can pass faster.

Call Our Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyers Today

Taking these precautions can keep you out of truck accidents. But if you were hurt in a truck accident because someone was negligent, talk to our Atlanta truck accident lawyer at Shani O. Brooks P.C. at (404) 920-4736.