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Taking Photos And Videos After An Accident Is Crucial


Proving that another party caused a car accident depends on the evidence presented to the insurance company or jury. Photos and videos are among the most critical evidence after a car accident. You should take pictures and videos after the accident to help your attorney prove the case for a claim or lawsuit. If you were in a car accident with injuries recently, our Atlanta car accident attorneys might help you get compensation for your losses.

Why Are Photos And Video Important After A Car Accident?

Photographs and videos are compelling evidence for proving car accident liability. After all, a car accident and its aftermath can be stressful and confusing. Photos and videos help you document how it happened and your property damage and injuries. Taking pictures immediately after the crash can provide critical evidence and details you might overlook. But upon review, the images and video could reveal things that you did not see in the immediate aftermath.

Unfortunately, sometimes accident victims do not take the photos and videos they should. This could leave accident investigators guessing what happened by relying on tire marks, eyewitness accounts, and other evidence. This might make proving the claim more challenging, and getting compensation could be more complicated. When you and your attorney want to establish a claim, having plenty of detailed videos and photos is always preferable.

How To Take Effective Photos And Video After An Accident

Most of us have cell phones in our pockets or purse, so getting excellent photo evidence is not difficult. Keep these tips in mind when recording photographic evidence after the accident:

Take Plenty Of Photos And Video

Most cell phones have plenty of memory for thousands of images. Taking too many photos is always better than taking too few. The claims investigator will comb through your pictures and videos and find the details needed to prove what happened.

Focus On Details And Close-Ups

You should never disturb the accident scene, but if you can get close-up images, it will help your case. If necessary, use the zoom function on your cell phone to get close-ups of accident damage, tire marks, license plates, etc. The evidence might be less valuable if the photos and video are too far away.

Wide Angle Shots Are Key

You also should take wide-angle images of the entire accident scene. Doing so gives the investigators important context about how and why the accident occurred. Law enforcement will remove the vehicles when they finish their investigation, so now is the time to get pictures and videos.

You also should take close-up images of your injuries after the accident. You can also take photos of them in the following days to show how they are progressing – for better or worse

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You should take photos of the crash scene, vehicle damages, and injuries in a car accident. These essential steps can help if you file a personal injury claim or lawsuit. If you have legal questions, contact our Atlanta car accident lawyers at Shani O. Brooks PC at (404) 920-4736.

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