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Top Causes Of Serious Car Accidents In Georgia


Top Causes Of Serious Car Accidents In Georgia

Car accidents cause thousands of injuries and deaths in the U.S. According to auto accident statistics, Georgia stands out for several reasons. 2020 saw a significant rise in traffic fatalities in the state. While some are due to inclement weather and poor road conditions, most result from driver error.

Top Causes of Serious Car Accidents in Georgia

Here are some of the top reasons why Georgians get into serious car accidents:

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving accounts for more than 20 percent of accidents in the state. Since it contributes to several non-fatal accidents, it is also considered the number one cause of car accidents in Georgia. Besides alcohol, a DUI charge can also involve drugs.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving may not seem that dangerous, but it has contributed to several car accidents on Georgia roads. This is understandable because if you are distracted by your phone or kids while driving, it takes your focus off the road and other vehicles. It reduces your reaction time as much as drunk driving can, which can lead to an accident.

Inexperienced Driving

Teen drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 are more susceptible to car accidents more than any other group because of their inexperience. Many cannot make informed decisions while behind the wheel and are rarely mature enough to remain calm if they get into an accident. They are also more likely to speed while under the influence and drive distracted.


Drunk driving and teenage drivers can both lead to speeding. While speeding on its own doesn’t necessarily cause accidents, it definitely plays a big part. Think about it for a moment. It is much harder to react to a deer or pedestrians on the road if you are going too fast to spot them in time. Speeding is also the main cause of fatal car accidents.

Failure to Signal

The most common cause of car accidents in the state is failing to signal.  Many of those occur when a car makes contact with another vehicle in a parallel lane. Incorrect lane changes can lead to serious injuries, especially if they happen at high speeds on the freeway, for example. Drivers who make improper lane changes usually get into an accident if they:

  • Fail to check the mirror and blind spots
  • Do not use a turn signal
  • Straddle two lanes
  • Do not allow sufficient space to change lanes
  • Do not take the weather into account when changing lanes
  • Change lanes where it is prohibited (such as on a curve or a steep hill)

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