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What Are The Leading Causes Of Car Accidents In Atlanta?


What Are The Leading Causes Of Car Accidents In Atlanta?

As one of the fastest-growing cities in the US, Atlanta is home to more than 6,013,000 people. Thousands more head to the city for work, school, and entertainment using I-85 and I-75 highways. It is little wonder that car accidents are quite common in this state.

Top Causes Of Car Accidents In Atlanta

Some of the common auto accidents you may find yourself contacting an Atlanta car accident lawyer for include the following:

1. Inexperienced Drivers

Driving takes experience to perfect. A skilled driver can avoid sudden hazards and unexpected road conditions better than a newbie. Teen and elderly drivers are more likely to get into accidents because of inexperience and deteriorating eyesight or health, respectively.

2. Fatigued Drivers

Whether they spent the night bingeing Netflix or came home late from a party, tired drivers are a hazard on the road. Their focus wavers as they try to keep their eyes open while navigating rush-hour traffic. Some may even fall asleep behind the wheel as the car is moving.

3. Speeding

There is a reason why there are stiff penalties for speeding drivers in Atlanta. Speeding kills, period. Whether you are late for work or a school drop, speeding can make your car roll over – you won’t have time to swerve and avoid obstacles on the road. If you change lanes too fast, you can hit pedestrians and other vehicles.

Follow set speed limits to reduce the chances of this happening.

4. Driving Under The Influence

Substance abuse is a crime, but you can become a hazard on the road if you are drunk or on medical marijuana. These substances prevent drivers from focusing on the road. Nausea, vertigo, and hallucinations can make them lose control of the vehicle as their mind and body slow down too much to react in time to hazards. This can lead to serious and even fatal accidents.

5. Bad Weather Conditions

When it rains, it pours in Atlanta leading to reduced road visibility. Rough weather conditions such as this can make driving fatal. You can skid off the road as you hit black ice or if visibility is zero. Your windshield wipers can only do so much during a rain or snowstorm.

6. Technical And Mechanical Issues

Mechanical and technical failures are also leading causes of car accidents in Atlanta. Brake failures result in head-on collisions and rear-ending accidents. Engine failure can cause pileups behind you. Similarly, faulty or flat tires can make you skid off the road, into other vehicles, and into pedestrians.

Keeping cars maintained can prevent these accidents, but if a neglectful driver made your vehicle flip over, you should sue for damages.

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