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When Do Most Merging Accidents Occur In Atlanta?


Even the most cautious Atlanta drivers sometimes get into car accidents due to no fault of their own. One of the most common crashes occurs when one vehicle merges into another. Learn about when and why merging accidents happen in this article, and remember to speak to our Atlanta car accident attorney at Shani O. Brooks if you believe you have a case. Our legal team has more than a decade of experience litigating auto accidents in Georgia and may help you pursue a claim against the liable driver.

What Is A Merging Accident?

Merging accidents on highways happen when two motor vehicles collide when one is attempting to enter traffic from an entrance or exit ramp. There are several kinds of merging accidents that occur on Atlanta’s busy highways:

  • Rear-end crashes: These merging accidents happen when the vehicle trying to merge smashes into the rear of another car. They are often caused by tailgating and speeding.
  • Side-swipe crashes: These happen when the sides of two motor vehicles contact each other when both attempt to enter the same lane. Side-swipe accidents often occur because one driver is distracted or does not yield the right of way.
  • Head-on crashes: A head-on merging accident can happen when one driver goes in the wrong direction on an entrance or exit ramp.

When Do Merging Accidents Happen?

With so many cars on the road in our large community, it is unsurprising that merging accidents happen often. These serious accidents happen when drivers incorrectly judge their distance from other vehicles. Some common reasons these accidents occur are:

  • Merging at a speed well below the speed limit on a busy highway.
  • Suddenly cutting off other cars.
  • Changing lanes abruptly without using a turn signal.
  • Changing several lanes at the same time.

Who Is At Fault For An Atlanta Merging Accident?

Usually, the driver attempting to merge onto the highway is at fault, but there are exceptions to this rule. For example, suppose the merging vehicle slams into another that is speeding. In that case, the merging driver may not be liable because the speeding driver made it too challenging for the other to enter the roadway safely.

In other situations, a driver could try to enter from an inside lane and hit a car attempting to merge from the outside lane to the middle one. In this situation, the first vehicle could not be at fault. That said, if the cars were involved in a sideswipe accident, the at-fault driver would be decided by where the cars were on the road and where the vehicles contacted each other.

Another possibility is both drivers could be at fault. If that is the case, potential compensation in the incident could be decided according to Georgia’s comparative negligence laws, which state that one’s compensation is reduced according to the percentage of fault for the accident.

Keep in mind that the merging driver causes the majority of merging accidents. If this happened to you, it is essential to be represented by an experienced car accident law firm in Atlanta, such as Shani O. Brooks PC. Our lawyers possess the skill, tenacity, and experience to obtain the most compensation for your losses.

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