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Why Do Personal Injuries Increase In The Spring?


There is considerable evidence of more personal injuries in the spring. For example, many studies show the rise in accidents, from workplace injuries to car accidents, as the weather warms and Daylight Saving Time (DST) begins. Learn more about why there are more personal injuries in the spring, then talk to our Atlanta personal injury lawyer at Shani O. Brooks P.C. today.

Daylight Saving Time Causes More Accidents

Every spring, Americans move their clocks ahead an hour for DST. The time change gives us more light in the evening, so we can enjoy being outside in warmer weather. However, evidence suggests more accidents after DST starts, including car accidents and job-related injuries.

Fatality Analysis Reporting System data shows a 6% rise in auto accidents the week after DST starts. The data shows that the time change causes about 28 more yearly deaths. This study also indicates that the accident rate declines the week after DST. Losing an hour of sleep can significantly affect our ability to make safe driving choices.

DST Also Causes More Job-Related Injuries

Evidence also suggests that job-related accidents rise after Daylight Saving Time starts. For example, a recent study by Michigan State University found that changing to DST in March leads to about 40 minutes less sleep for workers. This led to a 5.7% rise in job-related accidents and about 68% more days lost to injuries at work.

Can losing about an hour of sleep cause more personal injuries? Experts believe that it can. This is especially in high-risk jobs requiring attention to detail. Studies have shown that losing an hour of sleep makes our attention decrease our concentration. For people driving, there can be more car accidents because of driver fatigue. In addition, workers in the trucking and construction industries may be more tired after Daylight Saving Time.

Other Reasons For More Personal Injuries In The Spring

Daylight Saving Time is not the only reason for more personal injuries in the spring. There are simply more people driving in warmer, sunnier weather in Atlanta. When more people are driving on the roads, there will be more accidents.

Also, warmer weather causes more people in Atlanta to be outside at the Atlanta Botanical Garden and other outside venues. When more people are outside, more pedestrian and bicycle accidents will occur.

There are even more slip-and-fall accidents during the spring. The Atlanta area tends to have rain in the spring, which can cause slick sidewalks, floors, and steps.

It is wise to use caution when you are out and about in warm, sunny weather every spring. Also, get more sleep the week before DST starts, so you are awake and alert behind the wheel.

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