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Why You Should Never Negotiate A Personal Injury Settlement Without An Attorney


Why You Should Never Negotiate A Personal Injury Settlement Without An Attorney

While you can negotiate an insurance settlement yourself, doing so without an Atlanta personal injury lawyer can end up costing you. Contrary to what the insurance adjuster says, you are not ‘in good hands’ and they are not on your side. You will be in the hands of people who are determined to pay you as little as possible for the injuries and losses you have suffered because of your accident.

In other words, if they are successful, they will line their pockets while you get almost nothing unless you have an experienced lawyer negotiating on your behalf. Here are some of the best reasons why you should not go into this without one present by your side:

1.     You Can Make Costly Mistakes

There are a number of costly mistakes you can make during a negotiation that an Atlanta personal injury lawyer will steer clear of. These include the following:

  • Turning over documents too early on in the process.
  • Accepting all of the facts that are presented to you regarding your accident.
  • Making statements and signing off on them regarding pre-existing conditions that can harm your position.
  • Settling too fast for an amount that does not compensate you completely for your losses.

In case the accident caused serious long-term injuries, talking to the defendant’s insurance company without an attorney is not advisable. Tell them that your attorney will call them if they ask. The first consultation you will get with us is free of charge so you have nothing to lose.

2.     You Can Undermine Your Case

You can undermine your case and lose out on the compensation you deserve without an Atlanta personal injury lawyer by your side. Any statement you make in front of the insurance adjuster may be ‘misinterpreted.’ For example, if you explain your conduct during the accident, it can lead to complete denial of your claim.

The thing is once your statements are recorded, they cannot be removed or retracted. You have only two years from the date of the accident to file a claim for your personal injury or risk forfeiting it. After the deadline has passed, the insurance company will not accept your claim.

Just filing the claim will not do the trick, but a lawsuit can work wonders when it comes to ensuring you get the compensation you deserve. Plus, the insurance company may know a few things about you that may compromise your claim.

For example, if they find out you are in debt, they can try manipulate you into admitting that you don’t have a valid claim. Ensuring you have an Atlanta personal injury lawyer negotiating on your behalf will allow you to maintain the integrity of your claim.

If you are in search of experienced personal injury attorneys who can negotiate for the best compensation amount on your behalf, get in touch with Shani O. Brooks P.C, today. We represent personal injury victims like you in Atlanta and throughout the state of Georgia. As mentioned, the first consultation is free so we can start the process straight away. Get in touch today.

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