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You’ve Been in an Accident and Your Car is Totaled, Now What?


You’ve Been in an Accident and Your Car is Totaled, Now What?

Totaling a vehicle in an accident can be devastating – not only financially, but as well as emotionally. If you spent years saving up for the vehicle, only to see it totaled later, your anger is justified. The good news is you can get compensated for the damages. To increase your chances of claiming damages, here are some things you should do right your vehicle accident.

Call a Towing Company – Since the vehicle is totalled, it is probably not drivable. Call the towing company to tow it to a place of your choosing such as a body shop or a salvage yard near your home. If they are accessible from the totaled vehicle, make sure all your personal belongings are removed before the vehicle is towed.

Take Pictures – The other driver’s insurance company will need to be convinced that your vehicle is a total loss. Take pictures of the vehicle from every angle and present it as proof – preferably before it is towed away. If you are too injured to do so, ask a friend or a witness to do this.

Take the Vehicle to a Repair Shop – If the vehicle can be repaired, you can and should take it to a repair shop of your choosing.

What is ‘Total Loss’?

According to Georgia Law, ‘total loss’ or totaled is used in car claims where the expenses for repairing a totaled vehicle is more than what it is worth. This will also be the case if the cost to get the vehicle repaired is a certain percentage of its value. This is usually 70 percent or greater.

While the state of Georgia does not have a formal legal definition for such cases, the term ‘totaled’ is used to determine whether the vehicle needs to be repaired or replaced. If it is a complete and total loss, the insurance company of the other driver must pay you the replacement value of the vehicle.

This can go one of two ways. Either the insurance company will pay you the cash equivalent of the totaled vehicle or replace the vehicle – provided it is insured. However, chances are the insurance company may not be as cooperative as it should be. In that case, you should hire an attorney to ensure you get the compensation you deserve, but do so quickly or you may lose out.

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